Who We Are

AFTeR began in 2013 as a group of six founding organizations, consisting of non-profit and for-profit companies, they collect or assist in the collection of used household clothing and household textiles to fund social causes. 


We encourage textile donations from Nova Scotian residents, thereby diverting textiles from landfill for the improvement of people, communities and the environment.

Our members are experts at recovering used textiles for resale and recycling. They collect or assist in the collection of textiles that are eventually sold as second-hand clothing or to textile management companies. Funds raised by the nonprofits support our local member organizations and causes such as helping children and youth at risk, combatting disease, and supporting marginalized citizens.  

What We Do

We are advocates dedicated to awareness, public education and advocacy for post-consumer textile diversion. AFTeR members ensure that textiles are properly diverted – from bin management to community engagement and offshore sales.

If you’d like to volunteer with AFTeR, please contact us at

 Our Members 


Email if you would like more information on being a member.